Visitor's centre


Our Haven in the heart of Muscat: The Amouage Perfume Manufacture and Visitor’s Centre.

A modernly designed Manufacture representing all that we hold dear: innovation and a deep respect for craftsmanship.

In this Amouage-pulsing architecture, human hands work every day to shape the fate of the brand. There, ideas blossom and take shape. There they leave a world of ideals to enter one of realities.

There also, our creative hub works to create new, never-before tested formulas, invent new textures and source unique materials to satisfy our imagination.

There at last, we manufacture most of our perfumes, building a community that is passionate and deeply loyal to Amouage, thus making the collaboration between the House and the employees an ever fruitful one.

Sheltered within The Amouage Manufacture, the Amouage Visitor’s Centre is a museal space dedicated to tracing back the history of our House from its origins in the dream of a Sultan to its blooming years.

In a serene atmosphere combining modern architecture with local accents, evoking the quietude of hallowed mosques and whispering wadis, guests foreign and locals are invited on a tour highlighting key moments of our artistic history and treasures from our vaults that have never been exposed before as well as temporary exhibitions specially curated for this space.

As a testament to the Omani traditions of hospitality and open-mindedness, The Amouage Visitor’s aims to become a versatile and dynamic venue open to all, offering an innovating cultural experience in the heart of Oman as well as providing guests with a new perception of perfumes and of Amouage.

Our heart and craft beat deep within Oman.

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